We've Moved

Lou has moved to Florida and is open for business.

1964 Birch Run W
Orange Park, FL 32073

Lou is still doing work for clients in the Chicagoland area, so If you have any questions or needs, no matter where you may be, please contact her via email.

Lous Logos has a giant embroidery library with embroidered designs in all styles! We have chosen these stock design companies for your viewing pleasure because they offer beautiful and great running designs, with incredible variety, the sites are easy to navigate, and the companies continue to produce new and exciting work. Keep in mind when searching the designs, the colors can be changed to fit your look, we can add lettering to personalize and some designs can even be reworked. Upon finding a design you like, note the size of the design, and the stitch count. Prices are based on stitch count and color changes, and if the design fits the size of the available area on your item. When you find a design you want to use, let us know the catalog and number (and/or name) and we will let you know if it will work for your application.

For example, a cap can have a design up to 2”, while a left chest design normally should be no taller than 3.5” and preferably around 2” tall, if you want to add lettering. 

In our photo gallery, we have examples that have been custom digitized, as well as samples that we have created from stock designs. We can create a professional looking logo that looks great even if you don’t have your own artwork. You can have a custom look, for many one-time events, from family reunions and parties, to new business logos and gifts. Have fun searching and let your imagination soar!

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